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Below is a list of books on the subject of bigfoot. Publication dates refer to the latest publication date, not necessarily the original publication date.


The Hoopa Project: Bigfoot Encounters in California David Paulides ISBN 978-0-88839-653-2 2008

Giants, Cannibals, and Monsters: Bigfoot in Native Culture Kathy Moskowitz Strain ISBN 978-0-88836-650-1 2007

Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science Jeff Meldrum ISBN 0765312166 2006

The Yowie: In Search of Australia's Bigfoot Tony Healy & Paul Cropper ISBN 1933665165 2006

Valley of the Skookum Sali Sheppard-Wolford ISBN 0937663115 2006

Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life: The Story Of Sub-Humans On Five Continents From The Early Ice Age Until Today Ivan T. Sanderson ISBN 1931882584 2006

The Historical Bigfoot Chad Arment ISBN 1930585306 2006

Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us John Green ISBN 0888391234 2006

Bigfoot Caseboot Updated: Sightings And Encounters from 1818 to 2004 Colin & Janet Bord ISBN 0937663107 2005

In Pursuit of a Legend: 72 Days in California Bigfoot Country TA Wilson ISBN 1587364220 2005

The Bigfoot Film Controversy Roger Patterson, Chris Murphy ISBN 0888395817 2005

Bigfoot Exposed: An Anthropologist Examines America's Enduring Legend David Daegling ISBN 0759105391 2005

The Best of Bigfoot/Sasquatch John Green ISBN 0888395469 2004

Meet The Sasquatch Chris Murphy ISBN 0888395736 2004

The Making of Bigfoot Greg Long ISBN 1591021391 2004

Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America Loren Coleman ISBN 0743469755 2003

The Locals: A Contemporary Investigation of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch Phenomenon Thom Powell ISBN 0888395523 2003

Bigfoot Files Peter Guttilla ISBN 1892264153 2003

Raincoast Sasquatch: Bigfoot, Sasquatch Evidence from Indian Lore Robert Alley ISBN 0888395086 2003

Field Guide to the Sasquatch (Sasquatch Field Guide Series) Society of Cryptozoology ISBN 0912365544 2002

In the Realm of Bigfoot Randall E. Floyd ISBN 1891799169 2002

My Quest for the Yeti: Confronting the Himalayas' Deepest Mystery Reinhold Messner ISBN 031227078X 2001

In the Big Thicket : On the Trail of the Wild Man : Exploring Nature's Mysterious Dimension Rob Riggs ISBN 1931044260 2001

Bigfoot Across America Philip L. Rife ISBN 0595143148 2000

In Search of Giants: Bigfoot Sasquatch Encounters Thomas Steenburg ISBN 0888394462 2000

Bigfoot Sasquatch: Evidence Dr. Grover Krantz ISBN 0888394470 1999

The Field Guide to Bigfoot, Yeti and Other Mystery Primates Worldwide Loren Coleman ISBN 0380802635 1999

Where Bigfoot Walks : Crossing the Dark Divide Robert Michael Pyle ISBN 0395857015 1997

Encounters with Bigfoot John Green ISBN 0888393407 1994

Sasquatch: Bigfoot : The Continuing Mystery Thomas Steenburg ISBN 0888393121 1993

Sasquatch/Bigfoot: The Search for North America's Incredible Creature Don Hunter/René Dahinden ISBN 1895565286 1993

Bigfoot B. Ann Slate & Alan Berry ISBN 0553029681 1976

Out Of Print


50 Years With Bigfoot: Tennessee Chronicles of Coexistence Mary Green None 2003

America's Bigfoot : Fact, Not Fiction Dmitri Bayanov ISBN 590022922X 1997

Bigfoot: Man, Monster, or Myth? Carrie Carmichael ISBN 0811468526 1997

In The Footsteps of the Russian Snowman Dmitri Bayanov ISBN 5900229181 1996

Tracking the Sasquatch: The Elusive Pacific Northwest Hominoid Barbara Wasson ISBN 0961410523 1994

Sasquatch/Wild Man Of The Wood Elaine Landau ISBN 1562943480 1993

Big Footprints: A Scientific Inquiry Into the Reality of Sasquatch Grover Krantz ISBN 1555660991 1992

Still Living?: Yeti, Sasquatch and the Neanderthal Enigma Myra Shakley ISBN 0500274061 1986

The Evidence for Bigfoot and Other Man Beasts Janet & Colin Bord ISBN 085030363X 1984

Manlike Monsters on Trial: Early Records and Modern Evidence Marjorie Halpin ISBN 0774801190 1980

Sasquatch Apparitions: A critique on the Pacific Northwest hominoid Barbara Wasson ISBN 0961410507 1979

Bigfoot All over the Country Marian T. Place ISBN 0396076106 1978

The Search for Bigfoot (Monster, Myth or Man?) Peter Byrne ISBN 0671804421 1976

On the Track of Bigfoot Marian T. Place ISBN 0396068839 1974

Bigfoot; The Yeti and Sasquatch in Myth and Reality John Russell Napier ISBN 0525066586 1973