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About Squatchopedia 2.0

So what is Squatchopedia 2.0? Well folks, back in the day, Brian Brown a.k.a. Bipto, started the original Squatchopedia before handing it over to the AIBR. The site soon fell into disrepair and went defunct. The 2.0 version is started by the MABRC (Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center) and the Bigfoot Field Guide as the replacement with many, many extra additions and media content to flesh it out like never before. The Facebook group page is for the contacting of people, and groups, that information is needed from them for their entries into the Squatchopedia. All sides of the Bigfoot Community will be added, however, a note will be added for those who believe in the woo side of things and for those who are in the flesh and blood side of the community. Hoaxes will also be listed here, and this site won't be politically correct, if something is placed there, it's because the proof is out there and unless a person can prove otherwise (which I welcome if they do) the Squatchopedia will show screen shots and so much more to back up what content is here.

So check out the site at www.squatchopedia.org and see what all is being added, you won't be able to create an account there, as too many cooks tend to spoil the dinner, we don't want people going in like they did before and changing things to make others look bad. If you are interested in helping, contact me email admin@squatchopedia.org and let me know and we will see if you would make a good fit or not to the team.

Thanks Squatchopedia 2.0 Staff

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