(Audio) Sierra Sounds

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Sierra camp 1972
Sierra camp

Recorded by Ron Morehead in 1972 at a remote hunting camp in California, the unknown audio that you hear in this recording are supposedly the voice of Sasquatch. Ron's recordings have been scientifically studied, time-tested, and accredited as genuine.

In order to get to the hunting camp, Ron and his companions (notably investigative reporter Al Berry) had to travel through the forest by mule, 8 miles one way from the closest road. Unbeknownst to Ron, Mr. Berry was attending this trip under the premise that Bigfoot was a hoax. Alas, as night closed in, the Cryptid in question would approach the hunting camp, making vocalizations and banging on trees.

The audio recordings were evaluate by Nancy Logan, a human sound expert, certified as a court interpreter in several languages, who determined that the vocal range of the creature in question was considerably more flexible than that of a Homo Sapien (it was able to articulate in much lower and higher ranges than a human).

However, as you listen to the following video and it's exchange between the men and the Bigfoot, you can hear how close the men are coming to replicating the vocalizations themselves. There is many in the Bigfoot Community who question the authenticity of the Sierra Sounds, and until others who were at the camp come forward to either confirm or deny the events that occurred there, we can only rely on Ron Morehead's story and the recordings.