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Patty from the Patterson-Gimlin Film has become the poster girl for Bigfoot Researchers on what a Sasquatch should look like.

When using the terms Bigfoot or Sasquatch in the plural sense, you should use Bigfoot for plural too, and the same goes for Sasquatch. i.e. There are a lot of Bigfoot out there in the woods. or There are a lot of Sasquatch out there in the woods.

The sasquatch, also known as bigfoot, is a large, hairy bipedal creature often reported in the Pacific Northwest part of the United States and Canada. However, it is by no means confined to this area, as it has been reported in many areas other than the Pacific Northwest. Some believe the sasquatch to be some type of undiscovered ape, while others believe it to be closer kin to man. There are even some who believe the sasquatch is somehow tied in with U.F.O.s and that it has supernatural abilities, such as being able to change its appearance into that of some other kind of animal. However, the vast majority of researchers believe that it is a flesh and blood species, most likely in the ape family. The size of sasquatches in reports varies widely, with a few described as being around 5 feet tall, and others as tall as 11 or 12 feet. However, most reports estimate the height at around 7 to 8 feet, with estimated weights somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 to 1000 pounds, depending on height.

Bigfoot has yet to be proven by, or to, the scientific community. Although there have been numerous sightings, tracks found, pictures and even film, there has not been concrete proof of the creature's existence. One of the best known pieces of documentation is the film shot by Roger Patterson, along with Bob Gimlin, at Bluff Creek California, in 1967. This film clearly shows a large, hair-covered creature, walking upright on two feet. While many believe the Patterson-Gimlin film to be authentic, there are many others who firmly believe the film is a hoax.

The existence of the sasquatch is not a new concept. Native American tribes have passed down stories of hairy giants for many generations. In fact, the name "sasquatch" was derived from a Native American word; it basically means "wild man of the woods." The more recently coined name "bigfoot" is a reference to the size of the tracks left behind by the creatures.

Most reports indicate that sasquatches are non-aggressive and shy creature, but there are a few accounts of human attacks. One of the most famous accounts, passed down by President Teddy Roosevelt, tells of two trappers, one of whom was presumably killed by a sasquatch-like creature in the late 1800s. Fortunately, stories of aggressive behavior, if true, are extremely rare.