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Booger or Swamp Booger is a colloquialism thought to refer to a sasquatch-like creature inhabiting southeast swamps and woodlands, from eastern Texas to Florida.

In the book Two Egg, Florida: A Collection of Ghost Stories, Legends and Unusual Facts (2007), author Dale Cox discusses the etymology of the name. He writes that, while an "unusual creature" is called by a variety of names in other parts of the country, including skunk ape, bigfoot, sasquatch, and the Fouke Monster, in Northwest Florida it is best known as the "Swamp Booger."

He adds, "The Swamp Booger has been part of the cultural landscape of Northwest Florida for many years. When early Scottish settlers first arrived in Walton County, the local Euchee Indians told them stories of a strange creature that inhabited a swampy area. The Euchee became alarmed when they learned the new settlers used wooden coffins to bury the remains of their dead. They believed this would allow the dead to come back as creatures like the one in the swamp. The early settlers preserved the Euchee legend by naming the swamp 'Booger Bay.' "