(TV Show) World's Greatest Hoaxes: Secrets Finally Revealed

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World's Greatest Hoaxes: Secrets Finally Revealed

World's Greatest Hoaxes: Secrets Finally Revealed is a 1999 television special produced by Robert Kiviat for Fox Television and airing on December 28th, 1998. The special was narrated by veteran actor Lance Henriksen, who later showed more sasquatch enthusiasm by acting in the 2002 Film The Untold (Sasquatch on US DVD), and the 2006 films, Sasquatch Mountain and Abominable.

On the special, several events were allegedly exposed as hoaxes: The Patterson-Gimlin film was claimed by paranormal researcher Kal Korff to be a hoax. Korff wrongly stated that primates do not have a natural line running down their back, and went on to erroneously claim that the footprints on the creature do not match the footprints cast at the film site.

Utah resident Jerry Romney was alleged to have worn the suit because of his size and his closeness with the executives at American National Enterprises based out of Utah. Romney himself disputed that claim on-camera. Two other pieces of video were examined by bigfoot archivist Larry Lund; one is of what appears to be an alleged bigfoot creature walking back and forth across the screen in a grove of trees, and was taken in the snow. The other is the infamous Snow Walker video which was allegedly taken of a yeti in the Himalayas. The show claimed that both videos were hoaxes. Ironically, it later transpired that Fox themselves had perpetrated a hoax, since they had deliberately purchased the hoaxed Snow Walker footage from Paramount, who had created the footage in the first place.

Korff was later to claim that Bob Heironimus was the 'man in the suit'.

It is alleged that when seeking permission to use the Patterson-Gimlin film footage, that the contract sent to Patterson's widow referred to the show's title simply as 'Worlds Greatest', thereby misleading Mrs. Patterson.

Other events in the paranormal, such as the Billy Mier UFO photographs, Loch Ness Monster photos and videos, UFO videos and the infamous Alien Autopsy video are all examined and said to be hoaxes by Korff and other investigators. The claims of the Patterson-Gimlin film being a hoax are disputed by some in the bigfoot community.