(Rules) How to get added to the Squatchopedia

From Squatchopedia 2.0

To most individuals, groups, podcasts, YouTube Channels, etc. wanting to get listed on the Squatchopedia, there are rules that we adhere to on who is added. While some may scream that this limits who gets in on the Squatchopedia, it in fact, limits those fly by night individuals, groups, etc. that do not deserve any mention. Too many Facebook pages and group pages have popped up and claim to have thousands of members in their organization, yet they are not an organization, they are just a page on Facebook. So below we have listed the rules that we follow when adding articles to the Squatchopedia.

Researcher or Analyst

To be listed as a researcher or analyst, this is the criteria that needs to be sent to me via either PM or email. Name, short biography, with length of time as a researcher or analyst, we prefer people have at least one year of experience at least. In the biography, list ALL groups that you have been a member of, and any links to websites, YouTube channels and Facebook pages that you want to have listed too. Just keep in mind, we will review the links to make sure they fit in with what the Squatchopedia is set up for. And last but not least, a picture of yourself to add to the article for your name. Please keep the biography to the point of how you would prefer to have it read professionally, trying to make yourself look like a superhero will only require us to edit it.

Research Group

To have your Bigfoot Research group listed on the Squatchopedia, here is the requirements, your group must have been in existence at least a year, and have five members of your group at least. If all five are related, you need five members who are not related to each other. In the biography for the group, please state whether you are an actual group with your own website, or a Facebook group that has been created. We need links to anything you wanted added to your Squatchopedia article. Logos are also appreciated as well as any photos that shows your group in the field. Send this information to me as a PM or as an email. While we understand there are a lot of groups out there, not everyone will be added, as we will filter out any groups that look to be fly by night groups.

Radio show or Blog

To have your radio show or blog listed on the Squatchopedia, the show will need to have been active at least a year, this is because we need to highlight those shows or blogs that have established themselves, if you don't fall into this criteria and believe your show or blog should be listed, contact me and we will discuss. I will need from those who want to be listed, to send me a bio for the show, logos and any pictures you think should be added to the article and links to where you show is located, along with any links to archive shows that may be out there.