(Hoax) The Yellowstone Park Geyser Bigfoot Video

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The Yellowstone Park Geyser Bigfoot Video (2014) - Most newbies and gullible folks believe that this is Bigfoot walking up near Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park. Here is the original video that was posted, as well as two up close clips of the walking figures, followed in the end by a clip slowed down to 25% speed and magnified by 2.5 %. It's obvious from the walk that this is just people, perhaps park rangers checking on the buffalo or the geyser.

Original Footage

File:Today Buffalo Arrive At Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone National Park (480p) x264.avi

First sighting of people walking

Second sighting of people walking

Second sighting of people walking 25% Slowed

Darcy Stoffregen

I did a bit of hunting and found the topic from when it first showed up on the BFRO page. It was the Old Faithful webcam that caught the video. When I looked it up I found there are multiple ski trails all over that area. In the video we can see where the bison are and the trail the skiers are on is a fair distance behind them.

Watching the video again we can see where the river is running and that the hikers/skiers are on the far side of the river from the bison. Looking at the map I think I've found the exact location.


map 1

Darren Lee

Is that a wooden causeway that the arrow is pointed to? I know I've seen wooden causeways in pictures of the geysers there.

Yeah, it's wooden causeways, they are all over the place there. Trying to reference the camera from the website to see how it matches up in the daytime, but I think you are right on the money.

aerial photo