(Hoax) Intensive-Care Nurse Photographs ‘Bigfoot’ in Ohio Field

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Intensive-Care Nurse Photographs ‘Bigfoot’ in Ohio Field By Cryptozoology News January 15th, 2015

LAGRANGE, Ohio– An intensive-care nurse snapped a picture of what she believes could be a “Sasquatch” creature in northeastern Ohio.

(Hoax) Intensive-Care Nurse Photographs ‘Bigfoot’ in Ohio Field

The photograph, released on internet forum The Gear Page by a musician named Gurtz who claims to be the cousin of the eyewitness, was reportedly taken at 2:30 p.m. on Jan. 11, 2015.

“She works nights in ICU,” Gurtz said. “She’s really freaked out about it,” he added, “she says could have only been a Sasquatch.”

The nurse’s husband and children, says the musician, were also startled by the alleged creature. He also claims that he is trying to get family members to collect some possible physical evidence such as footprints, but that, “of course, no one wants to go back” to the area.

The image shows an ape-shaped silhouette seemingly walking along a fence line on the snowy Ohio ground. Gurtz, impressed by the photograph, managed to estimate the height of the purported beast.

“I’m absolutely blown away by it! There are several items included that give the creature scale. This is the first photo I’ve seen that gives the viewer a sense of actual size. You can see the picnic table to the left, a broken cable spool, and the fence lines. There are several items included that give the creature scale. The fence posts are 4 feet tall, and the creature is clearly twice the height of the posts. There is also a picnic table in the photo for additional scale. My cousin said that even from a distance, they couldn’t believe the size of it. I would have chased after it – risk be damned! I’m trying to get her brother to go out there before it snows, and get some pictures of the prints.”

The man also pointed out that, if you look closely, you can see “snow stuck to the hair on the leg and buttocks” of the photographed subject.

“I thought it was a cut-out silhouette at first. By expanding the image, I could see hair hanging off its forearm, and snow stuck to its backside,” he explained on the music-dedicated forum.

Some members of the forum immediately criticized the picture, arguing that there is “no natural variation in the coloring of its hair”.

“Something is off about it… too black,” wrote Mango. “One thing for sure,if I see a ‘Bigfoot’ I’m taking pictures until the card is full or it’s gone out of sight. That is a big wide open field from what I can tell, lots of time for more pics. Nobody was in any danger as whatever it was going, it was away from them.”

Others are calling it a hoax.

But Gurtz disagrees. He says his cousin and her family have “nothing to gain” from faking the sighting.

“It’s not impossible, but it is highly improbable. I told her brother it looked fake, but he insisted it isn’t. It’s good to see people are having fun with it. Most, I suspect, are ‘intelligentsia’ type personalities. Even if you presented physical proof, they would deem it as being ‘manufactured’. They have a name for this affliction of the mind.”

Gurtz, who indicated the alleged photographed creature’s resemblance to the one purportedly captured on the Patterson-Gimlin film, is also aware that the world needs more evidence to prove the existence of Bigfoot.

“I’ve watched a ton of videos, but nothing impressive enough to convince me. If they are real, they are most likely Neanderthal,” he said.

After all the giving criticism, Gurtz has been asking his cousin for more evidence and he says that “if they don’t have additional pics” he will have no choice but to consider it a “hoax”.

LaGrange, a village located in Lorain County, is home to 2,200 people, including the former mayor of Cleveland.

Ohio is not new to reports of Bigfoot sightings. The Grassman, a monkey-like creature reputed to live around Cuyahoga Valley National Park, is considered the main subject of cryptid reports emanating from the Buckeye State.

On June 24, 1980, a Bellefountaine off-duty police officer said he was “surprised and dumbfounded” after seeing a “seven- feet-tall, hairy animal” in his barnyard.

In 2012, footage of an alleged Grassman went viral when a YouTube user uploaded the controversial clip. Later, the video was taken down from YouTube by Ryan Ledoux on copyright grounds, although it remained available to watch on the alternative video-sharing website LiveLeak.

In 2013, TV show Mountain Monsters released footage of a purported creature they believed to be the elusive cryptid. Reverend Jeffrey Kelley, a well-known Bigfoot news internet commenter, posted a video about the clip shortly after the original video clip was released.

Just a few days ago, TV show Finding Bigfoot crew member James Bobo Fay tweeted his recent nocturnal encounter in Ohio with what he called a “juvenile Sasquatch”.

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