(Hoax) Bigfoot (yeti) caught in Russia

From Squatchopedia 2.0

This was a hoax perpetrated by the Russians to lure tourists into the country to spend money, it was nothing more than a person in an ape costume and many years later, the Russian government would admit that hoaxing had occurred in an attempt to lure tourists in.

Below is the original video report in Russian while the information below is translated from the initial video release.

On December 28, 2011, a Bigfoot was caught in Ingushetia. Border guards, examining the forest in the Dzheyrakh region, found a strange two-meter-high creature. "Some say that this is Bigfoot, others that it is a big monkey," the Minister of Labor and Social Development of the republic told the media. According to him, he had never seen such a thing. “The animal looks like a gorilla about two meters tall, dark in color, presumably a female, very large. Usually a gorilla rests on its front arms, and this one stands upright, like a man. It growls and makes incomprehensible sounds, ”the minister said. The caught creature was brought to the zoo. The official said that the animal is very scared, eats mainly meat and vegetation.