(Group) Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization

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Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization

Bobby Hamilton established the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO) in February 1997. According to the GCBRO web site, the group was formed to address a perceived lack of attention to bigfoot encounters in the southern states, but the organization presents information from around the world. The web site maintains a database of submitted sighting reports and a public message board. Often critical of other bigfoot-related groups, GCBRO members claim to be actively “investigating areas of high activity levels” and assert that they “have made some startling discoveries pertaining to the habits of these creatures.” The most notorious area of research is referred to as Monster Central, located in Louisiana and owned by prominent GCBRO member Jim Lansdale. The GCBRO is possibly the best known of the pro-kill groups calling for efforts to collect a sasquatch type specimen so as to conclusively document the species.

In later years, the GCBRO participated in a short one season show titled "Killing Bigfoot" in which they sought out nuisance Bigfoot to remove them from landowners' properties by shooting a Bigfoot. It caused tremendous outrage by many of the no-kill side of the Bigfoot Community.

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