(Group) BFRP

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The BFRP is also short for BFRPKY (Bigfoot Research Project of Kentucky) The BFRPKY is a small group of Bigfoot Research and Investigation enthusiasts. Completely self financed. At the time of this writing the BFRPKY consists of 3 main members: Chris Bennett, Brandon Lane, and John Gray. Founded by Chris Bennett in 2007, the main focus of the group is to locate Bigfoot Creatures in their Home range areas to study/observe behavior and most importantly to collect physical evidence of these unknown creatures, as well as audio and video documentation as possible. The members do not feel the creatures benefit from disclosing any common evidence collected so most evidence finds are not shared with the general public. The BFRPKY does share information, observations and findings with select Researchers across the United States that likewise wish to learn about these creatures without exploiting them or disclosing their habitat to the general public. All members of the BFRPKY wish to see the mystery resolved and see the creatures eventually protected by law. It is the hope of the BFRPKY that these creature's proof of existence can be collected and presented to the Scientific community without physically harming any creatures as to do otherwise would only further reduce the numbers of a truly endangered species of primate.